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Month: July 2014

The Lurker in the Library: A Lovecraftian Murder Mystery Dinner Party Game

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Something has gone horribly wrong at the dedication of Miskatonic University’s new library, and it is up to your group of eight friends to save the world from disaster. Which of your number has been possessed by an otherworldly consciousness? Which is a cultist trying to finish the dark work that was started? Find out in the Lurker in the Library, the Kickstarter-funded murder mystery dinner party game inspired by the cosmic horror storiesĀ of H. P. Lovecraft.

The Lurker in the Library is a print-and-play game for 8 players; the game is delivered as a zip file containing 35 PDFs and 14 MP3s. It is played in 3 acts, with 7 different possible endings. Gather your friends to your home for a fancy dress-up dinner party, or meet together with the help of your favoriteĀ video chat application.

This game takes place in 1920’s Massachusetts during the dedication of the newly-constructed Library of Ancient Manuscripts in H.P. Lovecraft’s fictional Miskatonic University. Each player will take on one of the following roles:

  • Harold Gogia, the Professor
  • Isabella Bishop, the Librarian
  • Luther Freeman, the Politician
  • Samantha Clemson, the Inventor
  • Howard Phillips, the Reporter
  • Christine Westwood, the Administrator
  • Franklin Orville, the Architect
  • Elizabeth Blaine, the Philanthropist

Please enjoy a sample of the game audio:


Content Advisory: This game has a horror theme; you may not enjoy it if firearms, magical chanting, possession, or moral dilemmas make you uncomfortable.