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Announcing the Games for Teachers Project

Do you know a teacher living in the United States who would benefit from a free copy of an educational game? As I release several new games over the next few months, I will be unrolling the Games for Teachers Project, my effort to get useful and fun tools into the hands of educators. You may nominate any US teacher by entering his or her name and school district into the form below. If you are a teacher, feel free to nominate yourself!

When the Project is in full swing, you will be able to use this site to purchase a game to send to a teacher from the database. I will mail the game and a letter with your personalized message directly to the teacher’s school. Teachers will receive games in the order that they are nominated–your purchase will be sent to the next teacher on the list.

The first game released as part of the Games for Teachers Project will be 27 Haiku: A Game of Art and Poetry. The Kickstarter campaign to print the first 1,000 copies of 27 Haiku is happening right now! The funding period ends on December 5th.


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